More Food Films

Lots of good folks are making other short films about local food and farming.

Here are some of our favorites:


Bring these and other shorts to your campus or community with the Up Up Farm Film Festival, a Greenhorns compendium for organizers and institutions.

The Perennial Plate
An online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.

Fix Food
A nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the food system.  We use videos and social media to raise awareness and partner with leading organizations to help Americans take direct action.

Leave It Better
A video-based social network where people can share ideas on how to improve their communities and take action to green their neighborhood.

Food Forward
Reveals the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food rebels across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.

Cooking Up A Story
An online television show (and blog) about food and sustainable living.

Future Farmers in the Spotlight
An initiative that aims to inspire and encourage the next generation of sustainable farmers. We like to show and share inspiring stories about young farmers who have – despite the many difficulties – managed to set up farming initiatives which are innovative, viable and sustainable. Get involved!

Real Food Media
Put on a competition for short films, the 10 finalist films are really wonderful. Each one is worth watching twice.

Farm – City, State
A film about the journey of Austin, Texas to overcome barriers and produce and eat locally-sourced food.

Food Chains
Despite the upswelling renaissance in democratic, owner-operator, small farm production, the majority of our vegetables are still grown by large operations with majority immigrant farm labor. This is a film about their experiences.

Keep Antibiotics Working
Conventional farming uses routine sub-clinical doses of antibiotics to increase weight gain in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). This is linked to MRSA and other multiple resistant infections. Learn about this!

Kentucky Hemp Planting
Veterans at Growing Warriors in Kentucky cultivate hemp for fiber.

Forward Farming: The Next Generation of American Agriculture
With the future of agriculture resting upon the shoulders of the next generation, this film documents the challenges and opportunities of one young farmer during this crucial time in American agriculture.

H2 Worker
Winner of the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival, H-2 WORKER reveals the systematic exploitation of Caribbean laborers by the Florida sugar industry from World War II through the 1990s.

Zone 7 – Winter
Zone 7 is a farm fresh distribution service connecting farms in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania with local consumers. This is a story about how they operate in the harsh winter weather.

Food. Curated.
Liza is a NYC-based food lover and documentarian, sharing stories about good food and where it comes from.

Into the Woods: Don’t Quite Your Day Job
Into the Woods is a music media group based in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t Quit Your Day Job is a documentary series that follows musicians around at their day jobs.

Farmers for the Future
Farmers for the Future is an online network for new and beginning farmers.

Meet Your Farmer
Meet Your Farmer is a series of short films about farms in Maine.

Rooted tells the stories of a new generation of farmers and ranchers in Montana through still photography and written profiles.

California is a Place
California is a Place is a series that takes a look into the eclectic melting pot of human culture we call California.

In Search of Good Food
A documentary film tour of California’s emerging sustainable food system.

Farm Run
Farm Run is an agrarian creative studio.

Organic Nation
Organic Nation is an exploration of the sustainable food landscape.

Vermont Cheese
A visual profile of a Vermont cheese farm.

SOS: Save Our Soil
Explore new frontiers beneath our feet that just might save our soil.

Through rhythms of loyalty, legacy, and morality, LOOMS centers around the internal tribulations of one lonely, aging farmer as he faces the most difficult decision of his life: To let go or remain rooted.

Food For Change
Food For Change is a feature-length documentary film focusing on food co-ops as a force for dynamic social and economic change in American culture.

Earthmen for Freedom
“The soil is dead !” These men don’t mince their words. Farmers with a cause – but is that cause hopeless or does it herald a real  Green Revolution ? Tales of rebellion against the tyranny of Big Food.

Runoff tells the fictional story of a woman desperate to save her family when a Monsanto-style business moves to town.


A vital investigation of the economic and environmental instability of America’s food system, from the agricultural issues we face — soil loss, water depletion, climate change, pesticide use — to the community of leaders who are determined to fix it. Sustainable is a film about the land, the people who work it and what must be done to sustain it for future generations.

Ground operations

America Needs a Million New Farmers. Veterans Want the Job. GROUND OPERATIONS is a call to action featuring a documentary film, a companion E-book and a national tour. We invite everyone interested to join and share our vision to strengthen the network of combat veterans transitioning into sustainable agriculture; and to help increase the resources necessary for them to create healthy new lives for themselves and food security for communities across America. Join the mission to share the vision.